SeapiX webinar


SeapiX-F: How to balance efficiency and by catch
rules with advanced fishery acoustics


THURSDAY, july 16 2020

10:00 AM (CEST)

05:00 PM (CEST)



SeapiX-F is the first compact civilian system comprising a dual
Steerable Mills Cross multi-beam sonar transducer. Its transducer generates
several simultaneous multibeam transmissions and acoustic processes to yield
quantitatively and qualitatively impressive measurements of the marine
environment. SeapiX-F revolutionizes fishing techniques by providing optimally
calibrated information and unparalleled surveillance of a designated underwater
spatial volume. It answers some of the toughest demands placed on skippers,
offering total visibility over the underwater environment so that informed,
strategic fishing decisions can be made in real time thanks to realistic
quantitative and qualitative distribution of biomass.


one of our two sessions to learn how SeapiX-F can help you balance
profitability and by catch rules.






We look forward to seeing you during one of our
upcoming iXlive session!



SeapiX Team